Golden Ratio Book Design

Bestseller-Quality Design Services for Independent Authors
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Books Are What We Do

We specialize in providing customized, vivid full-color covers and elegant interior layouts for printed books and ebooks.
From basic ebook formatting to highly complex hardcover layouts, we take your manuscript and make ready for retail.

Book Covers

Printed Book Interiors

Ebook Design

For Authors

Bestseller quality book design for authors who manage their book’s production. We offer professional book cover and page design for authors of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

For Businesses

Golden Ratio works with businesses or entrepreneurs who want to publish books on inspiration, personal development, thought leadership, technical knowledge, collected white papers, or other technical non-fiction.

For Families

Preserve your memoir, family history, or genealogy in a beautifully designed heirloom book as a keepsake to pass down to future generations.

For Publishers

Golden Ratio services small or medium sized publishers looking to outsource book production. We can match any house style, size, and binding, for books of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.


“Anthony handled the book design for my book, and he couldn’t have done a better job. We worked together closely, and he showed careful attentiveness to my vision of the project, while displaying an intuitive feel for how the final product should turn out–and it turned out looking great.”

-Martin Woodside, translator of Of Gentle Wolves: An Anthology of Romanian Poetry

“Anthony is an inspired and remarkably skilled book designer and publishing entrepreneur. He combines great creativity with a knack for discipline and organization. I highly recommend his services.”

-Boris Dralyuk, translator of How Much Land Does a Man Need by Leo Tolstoy

“Tony Bonds is both an exceptional writer and interior layout book designer. He master crafted the interior layout for my critically acclaimed, award winning debut novel The Poet’s Secret, artfully weaving poetry within the prose narrative. I highly recommend Tony as a book craftsman. He is also a great guy and a joy to work with.”

-Ken Zak, author of The Poet’s Secret

“Tony Bonds co-founded Calypso Editions in 2010, and to date, has managed the production of 25+ literary volumes… In the capacity of creative director and sole graphic designer, he has managed each book project—from initial negotiations with authors and translators, to book design and printing, to marketing and sales—with skill and grace. His vision for the press and his strategic implementation of that vision have ensured the organization’s longevity, and have solidified its reputation as a respected nonprofit publisher of high quality books within the independent publishing industry in the United States and abroad.”

Robin Davidson, Ph.D., Houston Poet Laureate (2015 – 2017)