About Me

Hi. I’m Anthony Bonds, a graphic designer, creative director, marketing strategist, published author, and guitarist. 

In 2008 I began designing books and fell in love with the feeling of making books come to life. In 2012, I founded Golden Ratio Book Design, a firm serving independent authors, publishers, design firms, thought leaders, non-profits, and universities.

I’m passionate about visual storytelling, and I believe that human connection is the key to great design. I work closely with authors to bring their vision of their book to life while ensuring it adheres to industry standards and audience expectations.

For better or worse, many people do in fact judge books by their covers. I provide authors with best-selling-quality designs that strategically deploy proven design principles, ensuring the target audience takes notice. 

Want to learn more about the process? I can be reached any time at tony (at) goldenratiobookdesign.com or feel free to call or text me at (619) 356-1873‬.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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