The Moonflower King

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by Anthony Bonds
98 pages
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Praise for
The Moonflower King

What a strange and wonderful little book this is. When Ash Moone goes home to the small town of Vatican, TX, after his brother’s failed suicide attempt, he is drawn back into a world where reality defers to dreams, and truths are only thinly veiled fictions. Bonds manages, in this slim novella, to create a captivating world where mythology and madness reign. I loved every quirky character in this story: each one is authentically flawed but also endowed with a certain amount of grace. And the ties that bind the Moone family together, though damaged by shared sorrows, are tenacious as vines all the same.

T. Greenwood, author of Nearer Than the Sky and Two Rivers


In taut and inspired language, Anthony Bonds gives us an unflinching vision of humanity and one family’s fate.  A compact tale that manages to be as vast as the Texas landscape it evokes, The Moonflower King poses age-old questions about loyalty and love, and answers them with a story that is surprising, entertaining, and moving.  A wonderful debut.

Katherine Towler, author of Snow Island


Bonds’ prose is witty, evocative of strange places and circumstances, and deeply humane. The entertaining, tight plot keeps the reader wanting to turn the pages, but the apparent ease contains a depth of meditation on human condition that is funny and sad at the same time, and profoundly touching. The characters are so interesting, quirky and appealing, that you don’t want to part ways with them after you finish reading the novel.

Maria Rybakova


The Moonflower King is an incredibly imaginative new book by an exciting young writer. Get ready to for a crazy ride. It’s fast-moving and intelligent. Anthony Bonds is someone to watch out for.

Daniel Chacón, author of and the shadows took him and Unending Rooms

About the Book

When Ash Moone learns that his twin brother Oscar’s botched suicide attempt has left him confined to a wheelchair, Ash is forced to leave his life as a writer in Brooklyn for the family’s dilapidated emu ranch in a remote East Texas town.

At first a reluctant caretaker, Ash must confront the once-familiar faces that inspired his first book, but soon learns the terrible and devastating truths about his family’s dark legacy.

As his brother Oscar’s continued obsession with death threatens to ruin both their lives, Ash must make a choice: abandon his brother or risk his own humanity to create a peace between them.


About the Author:

Anthony Bonds is a writer and book designer. He works as a publishing editor in San Diego where he lives with his wife.


News, Events & Reviews


  • San Diego, March 19, 2012, Living Writers Series at San Diego State University, sponsored by Poets & Writers



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January 30, 2012