While Everything Slipped Away From Me

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by Erika Lutzner
78 pages
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Acclaim for While Everything Slipped Away From Me

While Everything Slipped Away From Me is a story about grief, love and loss. It speaks of unbearable tragedy. This is a collection of lyrical poems about the aftermath of 9/11. How can one go on when one loses the love of one’s life? This collection delves into that question. Perhaps out of grief something beautiful can grow.”

—Nin Andrews


“Lutzner approaches the unapproachable space that is what of which was once whole. Here we share our skinned knees in ash. We eat the news like it is a mass processed mechanical attribute. She writes, ‘tell me how to capture sadness.’ The story is one of a true love, lost in 9/11; one of desolation and divinity.”

—Jillian Mukavetz



About the Author



ERIKA LUTZNER is the editor of Scapegoat Review. She is the author of two chapbooks with dancing girl press and has a third coming out later this year. She also has a chapbook with Kattywompus Press. Her work can be found in various journals across the internet such as Eclectica Journal, failbetter, and wicked alice. She grew up in Garrett Park, Maryland, next to Porcupine Woods and behind the train tracks. She’s a former violinist and former chef. Currently, she is a writer living in Brooklyn with her two cats Nikki and Neo.


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March 24, 2016